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Removing the dent

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Paintless Dent Removal or 'PDR' is the preferred technique for minor dent removal in the motor trade. The system is used extensively in the USA, where large hail stones can cover a car with dents within minutes. Teams of dent technicians or 'hail chasers', seek out these storms and repair the damaged cars at a fraction of the cost of conventional body shop techniques. If hail damaged cars can be repaired, so can your dent!

THE SYSTEMRemoving door dent
Special dent removal tools are used to gain access to the back of the panel, where the impact damage can be carefully reversed. An experienced dent specialist uses highly skilled techniques to read and remove the dent to the highest standard.

Golf ball size dentDent removedADVANTAGES
1. Original finish intact
2. No mismatched paint or overspray
3. Fraction of the cost of body shop
4. Fast, efficient, mobile service