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Dents come in all shapes and sizes depending on the source of the impact. Adjacent car doors, supermarket trollies, bicycles, scooters, golf balls, cricket balls, stones - all will leave their own, unique, impression. However, provided the damage is within limits and the finish is intact, 'auto healer' Precision Dent Removal is the cost effective solution.

This soft dent was located above a braced area at the front of the bonnet.Soft bonnet dentBonnet dent removed
Although access to the back of the dent was restricted, it was still removed, at the customer's home, for a fraction of the cost of conventional body shop repair. No painting - clean and simple!

Sharp door dentSHARP DENTS

This car was hit by the corner of a supermarket shopping trolley resulting in a sharp, angular shaped, dent close to the door edge.

Door dent removedDents on the edge of a panel are not usually removable, as the folded seam prevents access to the rear of the dent. This dent was just far enough in from the edge and was subsequently removed, on-site, in under 30 minutes. MORE DENTS